Sports Social Intelligence

Delivering insight through Klood Radar, our proprietary sophisticated digital search technology that has been developed by our in-house market research professionals in conjunction with technology experts and data scientists, automating the collection of data from online commentary in real-time.

Klood Radar accesses millions of online conversations which are analysed to deliver key insights such as:

    Going beyond the statistics to understand more about current players (e.g. risk and reputation monitoring, digital footprint, etc.)
    Uncovering what other clubs and sponsors are up to (strategically and tactically), how this is being received, what is working and what isn’t.
    How (global) fan bases are engaging, drawing key insights from this to influence commercial activity.
    Understanding the impact of current sponsorship activity, uncovering what is proving most successful across the sector.

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MMRI provided Team England with a smart and effective solution to social media monitoring at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. It enabled us to ensure that athletes and support staff were not compromising the Team either reputationally or commercially. The service was a combination of technology and human common sense and was provided with the speed that enabled quick and effective remedies. I would have no hesitation in using the service again either for a smaller or large team or at a major event where the wider conversation across stakeholders needs monitoring.

Head of Media, Team England

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